# The fox hideout: services

## I host some open or not services. I even made some of them.

All my services are covered by rules in the end of this page. Please do not abuse loopholes. Services that allow social interaction are closed. You can get access by sending me a message. Find my preferred contacts in contacts.

In doubt regarding the rules? https://xkcd.com/1357/

AnarchyFox (Akkoma)

A chill Akkoma instance for access to the Fediverse under the anarchyfox.space domain. This is not a free speech instance. This is it. If you register, please ping/mention/tag me somewhere so I can approve you.

Fedi.Furriebi (GoToSocial)

An experimental GoToSocial instance on an IDN domain. While you should obey the rules below, nobody is going to see you anyway lol. Federates well with Mastodon (glitch-soc) and Pleroma (Akkoma), does not federate with Misskey. Ask me to register you because GtS does not have registration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bitwarden (Vaultwarden)

An open Bitwarden instance with premium features thanks to Vaultwarden's awesomeness. Registrations are open without approval.


A fully XChaCha20-Poly1305 encrypted Pastebin alternative in Go, which currently has no UI. Code is the documentation, proper docs will be written eventually™. This is my first encryption-related project ever, do not blame me. Code is here Does not require registration. Max document size: 32 MB. All audit logs are turned off. I might start logging IPs in the future.

Gitea: Git with a cup of tea and a fox ©

My comfy Gitea instance with some projects and my friends. Join, it's cool!
Moving to Forgejo soon?

## Service rules (AKA ToS)

Discrimination of ANY nation, especially Ukraine or Russia is STRICTLY prohibited. Leaders != nation. Keep your Z's and V's to yourself. My social services are supposed to be comfy, so please try to avoid politics.

1. Respect others, their privacy and safety
|- 1.1. Doxxing is forbidden, no matter how bad the person is.
|- 1.2. Violence threats are not okay and you know it.
|- 1.3. Fuck you, pedos. Go away from this instance.
|- 1.4. Hate speech, discrimination by race/religion/... are forbidden.
|- 1.5. Terrorism, drug dealing, illegal activities, etc. are all forbidden.

2. Mark sensitive content
|- 2.1. Mark NSFW and NSFL, set CW's.
|- 2.2. If you are not sure if something is sensitive, it probably is.

3. Respect the services and software
|- 3.1. Do not abuse exploits or bugs.
|- 3.2. Please, do not DoS any of my services.
|- 3.3. Please report exploits to me privately.

The rules are a guidance for members and admins. You can get banned for moral reasons or if your behaviour is considered harmful for the instance. We will probably give you a chance to export your data.